September 28, 2014


Ahem.. Can I even publish this? I know, I know.. I'm so sorry I didn't post for the past few months (more like the last 6 months).Ugh..  I'm sooo bad at keeping up with this blog. I should be updating it every week or at least every month but it seems that I can't even do this much. Can you forgive me? I'm going to try harder this time, ok?
So, after a whole afternoon strolling in the streets of Paris and looking for some nice spot to shoot at, we eventually found one. You might not believe me but good spots are not easy to find! Even we, Parisians, don't necessary know where they are. Here is my first attempt as a comeback photoshoot thanks to Crackeryourstyle who was kind enough to take the role of my photographer.

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April 12, 2014

De l'autre côté de l'objectif

cr: me

I've been posting quite a bunch of street-style photos that I took myself during the different PFW but I have to admit that you can see they were taken by an amateur. I'm far from being a professional, I still need to improve my photography skills. (if i have some) Talking about street-style photographers, there are some who are reeeaaally good and just thinking about it, i still can't believe i saw some of them in real. They were standing like 10 foot away from me? Whatever, I'm not trying to appear as a fanatic or what but what I'm trying to say is that I really admire their work and I got the chance to take a portrait of four of my favorite photographers: Julien Boudet aka Bleu Mode, Phil Oh aka StreetPeeper, Youngjoon Koo aka Koo and HB Nam aka Streetfsn