April 26, 2015


It was about two months ago but I actually went on a short trip to London on the weekend of my mum's bday. She wanted to go back there so I planned it the week just before and that was it, our third time in this wonderful city that London is. We were literally freezing as it was winter but whatever, walking around London is just too nice not to be done. Once again, it made me want to live there. By the way, A short video of my sightseeing around the city is on going but for now, here are some shots of me (I know, what is the interest of seeing photos of me when all you want to see are photos of the city.. It's coming, I promise!)
'til next time peeps ! x

March 30, 2015


Well, well.. I was trying to sort out all the photos on my computer when I found these that were taken back when my friend Chloé from Crackeryourstyle and I went to one of the famous Café Kitsune in Paris. Winter had been so cold this year, their own brewed coffee was exactly what we needed to warm up ourselves. I remember the wind being so strong that we were literally freezing to death !

September 28, 2014


Ahem.. Can I even publish this? I know, I know.. I'm so sorry I didn't post for the past few months (more like the last 6 months).Ugh..  I'm sooo bad at keeping up with this blog. I should be updating it every week or at least every month but it seems that I can't even do this much. Can you forgive me? I'm going to try harder this time, ok?
So, after a whole afternoon strolling in the streets of Paris and looking for some nice spot to shoot at, we eventually found one. You might not believe me but good spots are not easy to find! Even we, Parisians, don't necessary know where they are. Here is my first attempt as a comeback photoshoot thanks to Crackeryourstyle who was kind enough to take the role of my photographer.

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